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Zombie apocalypse

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Shows like the walking dead though fiction are good fun survival shows. You can replace zombie's with other means in which this world is thrown into a survival mode where money and gold are not as important as supplies, firearms and food. The best thing about that show isn't even the zombie factor it's the drama in daily life among people left behind and left to deal with survival. What firearms would you choose to carry and other weapons and explain the advantages or disadvantages of each. Consider ammo supply and edged weapons and archery as well. Remember Zombie's are attracted to general "noise" and to stop them you have to stop their brain from functioning.

Cold Steel tanto bladed long machete majority of close up stuff.

My Benelli M1 Super 90 to fend off major close herds of walkers..

High capacity semi-auto pistol with plenty of magazines for medium range walkers

A silenced bolt action 17 HMR to pick them off at a distance in groups..

j frame last resort pocket gun on me at all times for walkers and those who may catch me off guard without my other weapons

any ideas?
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10/22 and subsonic ammo?
Ka-bar kukri for up close and personal
Glock 17, midrange for dependability capacity and ease of carry
870 with a high capacity, shells are easy to find, best for groups close range
AR with as many mags as possible, good for all around situations
Ruger 10/22 with subsonic loads if possible- mid to long range without much noise
One of the bigger blades from for close range.

An Ar rifle (300 blackout) suppressed for sniping. Regular 5.56 for hordes.
Pistol for short range, ny reload defense. Break-down 10-22 also.
Would definitely want a .22lr. Carry 100's of rounds without all the weight of bigger rounds.
Zombie Apocalypse banter...I dig it!

All the firearm stuff...10/22 (what Clutch said^^^^), handguns, and a shotty is a must. I'm thinking some sort of long rifle and who doesn't need an AR to fend of the hoards of walking dead? I'm also thinking some sort of fixed bland knife and/or quality hatchet....maybe a machete.

Bring 'em on!
Close range-machete
Handgun range-multiple handguns
Medium range-sks,Mossberg 930spx, ak47, hi point carbine
Long range-22-250,30-06, .270
Super long range-Sig dmr

But that's what I would have, I lost all those in a boating.accident. sucks.....
Just buy all the Zombies a one-way bus ticket to Denver to join all of the Damnorats in the State House.
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I'd think a good 22 would be the most valuable firearm.
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Radio flyer wagon (how else am I going to tote all of the ammo) :wink:
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And if I had to pick just one... I would take the AR
I'm with Bmoliv66....if 1 choice, going with an AR! add a bayonet and you have a good all around defensive weapon.

AR-15 with a bayonet, 6-10 mags (high capacity ammunition magazine clips or to those of us that are "GUN NUTS" standard cap AR mags) and a RADIO FLYER (Blake :wave: ) to tote all that ammo
Machete, Good sized fixed blade & a Fireman's Axe
Crossbow with an optic preferably
.40 cal or better with a few mags and lots of ammo
Fire making material for flanking and drawing attention......I realize that you scouts could make fire from a tennis racquet some beer caps and a rubber band but I prefer the cheaters way lighter/torch and some fuel!
Those Damnocrats in Denver already have the Zombies locked in a bunker under the capital. They are just waiting for new gun restrictions to go into effect before they release them on the general public.
The hardest part of zombie apacolypse is pretending im not excited.
Plasma rifle in the 40 watt range.
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I like alien apocalypse movies more, because the rock-paper-scissors of gun choice is way harder
A 22 rifle above all else for the zombie killer. And I cant think of much besides all out war that it would not be a great choice for.
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Zombie = rioting humans ? It that correct?
I posted this in another Zombie weapon choice thread:

I think I’ve got most potential Zombie scenarios covered.

Zombies behind Cover: DSA SA58 Para-FAL

CQB Zombies: Colt LE6920 W/Trijicon TriPower and Surefire X300 (back-up .22LR Conversion)

Last Ditch, Zombies break through barriers: Walther PPQ W/Surefire X400 and Benelli M1S90

Zombies at a distance: REM700 XCR Tactical with 6.5-20X Leupold MK4

Zombie EDC: 2nd Walther PPQ and Zombie Backup Walther PPS

Completely overwhelmed by the undead? Safe room with Vault door:

I’ve also got a samurai sword my dad brought back from WW2 and a cav saber I was given at my 1st unit for when the ammo runs out. Like I said in trhe last thread, I'm pretty much set for Zombies, but what really frightens me are clowns!

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